Revealing 7 Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD Edibles

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound that has been isolated from over 100 cannabinoid compounds found in the help plant. It was tested and identified by scientists to be non-psychoactive, which means that it won’t get you high.

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CBD is creating a lot of buzz in recent years because of its “magical” properties, and slowly, but surely, it’s turning into a wellness product. Full of many benefits, CBD is safe for both people and animals.

CBD comes in many forms and shapes, and you might be wondering if there’s any difference between the types of CBD. You can choose any type of CBD, but before making your decision, consider the following 7 differences between CBD oil and CBD edibles.

1. Different Concentration Level of CBD in the Oil and Edibles

When it comes to choosing the best type of CBD for you, think about how and why you are going to use your CBD. First and foremost, remember that it is always good to start with small dosages if you are new to CBD.

Choose CBD oil if you need to know the exact amount and concentration of the cannabinoid. This will help you to have a better control of the amount of CBD you consume both internally and externally. However, if you don’t need to track the exact amount of intake, then you’ll want to go for the CBD edibles as the CBD infused gummy bears are way more appealing and fun.

If you are new to CBD, check out the possible side effects which apply to only those who have health issues to start off.

2. CBD Oil Is Often Used For Therapeutic Purposes

Following the previous point, it is reasonable that CBD oil is more preferable over edibles if the implication is for therapeutic purposes only. When using CBD as a wellness product to solve a specific issue of yours, you want to know the exact dosage of your intake.

As for the CBD edibles, they are more of a sociable option, meaning that you can use them to relax, to get over a college stress, or to share it with friends. But don’t think that CBD edibles’ effects are anyhow different from CBD oil; it’s all about controlling the exact amount of your daily consumption be it in oil or capsule form.

3. Time It Takes for CBD Oil and CBD Edibles to Kick-in

It takes a different amount of time before CBD edibles and oil get into your bloodstream. CBD edibles take longer to kick-in because your body must absorb them before they can get into you your blood. The time it would take can vary from 1 to 7 hours, based on your personal body and how fast it can break down the product.

NANO based CBD gets into your bloodstream faster than others because of how small the particles are.

4 . Different Usage of CBD Oil

CBD oil can have 2 main applications which are internal and external. We all know that we can take CBD oil in capsules or in pure form, but you can also purchase CBD oil for external use. It comes in many forms, including lotions and creams. You can use CBD topical for relieving skin issues like acne, itch or eczema resulting from allergies, hormones or any other problems.

When used externally, CBD oil product will be absorbed by the cells underneath the skin. The results last quite long, as the product is absorbed by the cells more slowly through the skin.

5. You Can Make CBD Edibles at Home

People usually buy CBD edibles from stores, however, if you dedicate some time and effort you’ll be able to make them at home all by yourself. You just need to buy a CBD oil and add it to whatever edible you want. For example, you can add it to your cooking oil and prepare only CBD infused food.

Oils, on the other hand, are very difficult to extract from the plant at home. Not only it will take you a very long time, but also it might result in a big fail. If you decide to extract oil by yourself, you are risking to make it psychoactive, since many cannabinoid plants contain THC in the flower.

6. How Do CBD Edibles and CBD Oil Taste?

Clearly, CBD edibles contain CBD oil in them as it’s the main active ingredient. Edibles such as CBD infused gummy bears are much more pleasant to consume compared to CBD oil, as the latter has an unpleasant taste as claimed by many people. CBD gummy bears, on the other hand, have a pleasant taste and texture. So you may consider choosing CBD edibles over CBD oil, in order to avoid the weird taste.

As a note, be careful not to overuse the CBD infused gummy bears. As they have a milder effect compared to CBD oil, you might overeat them while waiting for the effects to kick in.

7. The Price Difference Between CBD Edibles and CBD Oil

In monetary terms, CBD oils are the priciest among CBD products, as they are usually, but not always, CBD in their purest form. They are sometimes too expensive, that’s why more and more people are choosing CBD edibles over oils. Not only they are less expensive, but also they have a longer lasting effect. Thereby, in the long term, they will last you longer than any CBD oil and save you lots of money.


The main differences between CBD edibles and CBD oil lie in their application method, strength and the length of the effect. But despite these differences, all CBD products work similar and share the same benefits. So regardless of the form, effects of CBD are always the same.

When choosing between CBD oil and CBD edibles, make your decision based on your personal preferences and the issues you want to deal with. Regardless of the type, both work miracles and have remarkable effects.

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